frankly, no. (chivesthebutler) wrote in familycircus,
frankly, no.

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sister and friends

So, I went to the movies. Good fun.

I came back. My sister is back from college orientation with her stupid friends and they're rooting through my room, attempting to figure out how to take my stereo for use at the beach party theyre having. I told them to stop, they protested like I did something horrible. Stopping them from taking my stereo. Right. They also erased my entire white board, on which I had written invaluable notes of remembrance.... to write some lyric from a 50 Cent song. I pulled one of their hair because I thought punching would cause too much trouble. I should have punched.

Again, I hate them all.

My sister starts tirading about how arrogant I am and how I'm such a little twit.. then says "Timmy, please let me use it..."

How will she learn? I don't know.

Right now they're getting caught for the Bailey's they've stolen. My dad is going to end up letting them take it, I know. Yep. He did.
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