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Thursday, July 17th, 2003
11:47 pm

There's a bbq going on now. I'm in my room, reading Made In America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States and I hear Emily, best person in the CLC, saying "Timmy's a full time mother..." rather detachedly (sp).

I know why she brought it up; many a beach visits I tell her my problems with being expected to mother my brother this summer.

My dad goes, in response, "But he seems to be enjoying it..."

She remained silent but I swear I could see her expression. She was looking at my dad like "Are you fucking joking?"

She made me happy, sticking up for me.. letting my dad know...

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4:11 pm

I've been cleaning. All day. For my dad's friends party. My life, yet again.

And, I smell. That settles it; this has to end.

3. Your sibling try to steal your stereo, calls you arrogant and then asks "Can I borrow your stereo"?

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
10:34 pm - sister and friends

So, I went to the movies. Good fun.

I came back. My sister is back from college orientation with her stupid friends and they're rooting through my room, attempting to figure out how to take my stereo for use at the beach party theyre having. I told them to stop, they protested like I did something horrible. Stopping them from taking my stereo. Right. They also erased my entire white board, on which I had written invaluable notes of remembrance.... to write some lyric from a 50 Cent song. I pulled one of their hair because I thought punching would cause too much trouble. I should have punched.

Again, I hate them all.

My sister starts tirading about how arrogant I am and how I'm such a little twit.. then says "Timmy, please let me use it..."

How will she learn? I don't know.

Right now they're getting caught for the Bailey's they've stolen. My dad is going to end up letting them take it, I know. Yep. He did.

current mood: enraged

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3:06 am - Hello, All.


First post in my new community Family Circus!

This community is not a support group; it's a comic strip.

For those who lead lives more amusing to the outside observer than is desired, join in, because, after all, this is a place to tell the world the woes, escapades, frustrations, amusements, enjoyments, peeves and fights you have with and within your family. This is not limited to the immediate, or even extended family. Whoever you consider to be worthy of mention here should be mentioned.

And there you have it! Our mission statement. Enjoy reading and writing!


current mood: accomplished

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